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White worm in tank!


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Just discovered a white worm going down my tank glass! (Thought it was milk running down)


hard to tell if it is detritus or planaria??


it looked 1 and half cm long


moved quick! 


Saw a very tiny white worm version as well


I haven’t over feed my tank, added one tiny algae wafer but shrimp never ate it, lots of algae growth in tank


how can I diagnose what worm this is??


are they harmful? Will I need to strip tank down?

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Most critters in our shrimp tanks are decomposers but there are a couple I try to look out for like planaria and hydra. Hydra is easy to identify. Planaria is too, once you know what to look for. They have a triangular head with two dots (eyes?). They are often confused with rhabdocoela, which are harmless. New tanks and tanks that are overfed usually have an abundance of these guys.

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I did have Java moss that brought in Planaria into my tank it had the triangle head.


but this was before I brought any shrimp, so I discarded the water and boiled the soil and gave the plants a quick rinse


i saw the boiled bodies of the planaria (just turned into round gooey balls) flushed them down the sink


im guessing they may have survived in the plant still? When I re-setup 


tbis is time I got shrimp in the tank

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Can you post a picture of the bugger.

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