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Artificial egg hatching, DIY egg tumbler

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Hey there SS community, i just wanted to share with all of you my homemade egg tumbler. So my black pinto decided to molt on day 26 of being berried and when i turned on the lights in the morning, i noticed that 2 shrimp were hanging out by this molt and saw the cluster of eggs with the molt. So i took it out and searched online and did a quick diy tumbler with my extra air pump. The funny thing is, my air pump is old so it can’t pump at full power and it’s loud. Instead, it pumps a lot of little diffused air bubbles.a0c8664a115b03ca05008f26825f80a4.jpg

I cut off 1/3 of the bottom of a water bottle and used the top 2/3 flipped upside down. Poked a hole in the cap for the airline tube and set my Dennerle shrimp net on top. Now comes the waiting game. I have also recorded the eggs over a 4 day course, my first time trying to post videos so i don’t know if the link will work. Day 1 http://

Day 2 Fed a toothpick tip of bacter ae http://

Day 3 http://

Day 4 All eggs hatched, 14 in total http://

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