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Black aquarium sand

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Hi Shrimpers

I set up a tank with black sand labeled for aquarium and reptile use. Bought from a LFS that sells shrimp. They say they use it in their shrimp tanks. The tank is cycled so I moved tank to it’s permanent place. After moving tank I added a magnetic glass cleaner. Low and behold some black substrate is now on the magnet. Clearly there is 

some iron in substrate. If I had not added the magnet I would not have had any idea. Do you think this is/will be a problem? Planning for Buce/ mosses. All water parameters are otherwise where I want them. Half of me says ignorance was bliss...but now I’m concerned. I called the fish store, told them this is for some rather uncommon shrimp and the owner told his employee that it’s on me what I choose to do.... what BS! But that can be for a rant of a different time. In Neo tanks that I have had well planted with some laterite mixed in substrate and it wasn’t an issue.... I may be answering my own question, but seeking some input from the forum. 

Thanks All

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I have found a small amount of my black blasting sand stick to a magnet.  Never had an issue on my side.


about the owner saying it is on you what you choose to do is correct.  unfortunately you are responsible for what you put into your own tanks and it is up to you to do your research.  Never rely on 1 persons advice for anything.

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