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Very confused... Mixing different color Caridina shrimp together


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Hi All,


I new to the world of shrimp keeping so please forgive me if this is a stupid question but would like to know what would happen if I put in one tank Red and Black Pintos together.  Will I get mainly black shrimplets/offspring since black is the dominant color??  Or will get an even distribution of red and black??  Or should I just keep the red separate from the black Pintos??  I guess the same is true for Red and Black Fancy tigers.  


Thanks for any advice!!





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Hi Shrimp Life,


Thank you for your response!!  This really helps because I was going to purchase about 6 Red and 4 Black Pintos and it didn't make sense to put them in separate 10 gallon tanks with so few in number.  I guess this also holds true for the Red and Black Fancy tigers too??


Best regards, Lester

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