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Tank Smell


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I've always had a very healthy smell to my tanks.  Be it shrimp or fish.  Generally described as an "earthy" or "rain" smell.  My tanks have recently taken on a very strong earthy smell.  It's not an offensive odor, just very strong.  I walked into the house tonight and instantly smelled it.


After working in my tanks my hands also smell strongly of it.  Anyone ever had this before?

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I currently have 3 40B's for shrimp.  One has red Eco Complete (smells fine), one has Brightwell (stanky) and the last has Black Diamond (stanky).   I usually do my water changes when my nitrates rise, which is rare due to my floaters, or when my TDS raises 5 points.  Usually 10% every 2-3 weeks.  All my non-shrimp tanks smell fine.

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Problem solved.  Removed everything from the tank and smelled it.  There was an algae in the corners of 2 of the tanks that once I scraped a little it became obvious.  Smells much better now.

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