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Frequently dying blood marry shrimps


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Since about month i face the sad problem. I'm finding every 3/4 days find a dead shrimp, they look healthy, eating with pleasure, and are vigorous. There is a file with parameteres, but in sales are used in Poland, i dont have TDS meter yet, but i will have in a few days. Can be that's a bacterial problem or something.

I didnt add any new "things" like food, plants. Two last labors, survived one shrimp, when 3 months ago, about 70/80% shrimps growth adult.


Units are mg per liter for NH4 to PO4, and KH and GH is in 1`n, or what i can calculate is 

GH 142 ppm

KH  174 ppmIMG_20181019_101544.png.a9b1b7367edd2d642fa5c2bde2abbf01.png

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