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Perfect nano 2-4g tank light


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Hey guys,

For sale here I've got some brand new small lights which are basically a Chinese production of the UP Aqua Pro 3C lights, but in my opinion a bit better, and not just because of how sleek they are.

Over the UP Aqua fixture, they offer a better built in system for affixing to the glass (which must be rimless or a super small rim) and a better color temperature for plants at 6500k.

The coolest thing about this fixture is the touch on-touch off feature. No switches.

The body is sandblasted aluminum, it's bendy neck. The only drawback is the chord is a bit short, but the lights are FANTASTIC for the little 2g AquaTop cubes. I mean it.

This light is perfect for shrimp moss crypts Anubias/Buce and lower light plants.






I've got TWO lights remaining for sale. I'd like $36 shipped for them. Boxes only opened to test if they're working.

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How long are the lights? Do you have a par meter to test their par?

Hey bud, no I don't do anything high tech, so I don't have a par meter. I can tell you I recommend them on tanks no taller than 10-12 inches, and they're good on tanks up to 15 inches long.

They're obviously stronger the shorter your tank is, but up to 12 inches, they're really the ideal light for moss crypts and viewing shrimp without growing algae.

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