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Daphnia as water-testers for shrimp?


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I have a tank with daphnia happily living and breeding in it. Can I reasonably assume that water is safe for shrimp, too?


Yes, I know that pH, hardness, and temperature would affect what kind of shrimp I can get; and I know about ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, cycling, the dangers of shrimp-munching fish, and the value of a mature tank with biofilm--I have done a fair bit of research.


But I'm worried about the things I wouldn't otherwise think to test for (like the copper in the tapwater at a previous house: it killed fish overnight, even though the water was "perfect" according to the tests the store had. Took a while to figure that one out.)


So it it reasonable to think that "daphnia safe" also means "shrimp safe"?



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Update-- I did buy some shrimp (blue neocaridina), and have now had them for 12 days. They're still alive and appear to be doing fine. So my particular water that was fine for daphnia was also fine for shrimp. I'm still curious if it would always work that way, but my curiosity is much less urgent now :)

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