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My shrimp changes colour from red to black/purple

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I noticed a shrimp in my tank that had started out a nice deep red cherry shrimp. over the next few days it gradually darkened to become a blackish dark maroon. does any one know why this is?

this is my second observation of this in my tank. the first started out as a wild coloration and then became pink, red, purple, and then died from an injury from my fish.


the clearer 4 pictures are of my recent alive one and the rest are of the old one. i apologize for the bad photo quality of the old photos but you can see it is clearly purple.


  • as far as i know my shrimp are all healthy and behave normally
  • the shrimp died right before i found it so it hadn't changed color because of that  

1rst phase.jpg

1rst phasee.jpg

2nd phase.jpg

2nd phasee.jpg






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Hi Rowdy

have any other shrimp died like this? I had 2 weird deaths like this in a tank a long time ago. I suspect it was poor immune health. How are your water parameters? Any Temperature fluctuations or pH fluctuations? I could not pinpoint the problem in my tank, but I started to feed bee pollen and spiralina powder weekly and occasionally bloodworms.  I have not had any problems since. I know this is not a clear cut answer, but stress of any kind over time weakens the immune system. 

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