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slugs and fast movers - how to kill them.


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Got these things in my tank.  Fast movers.  They move super fast in spurts.  Tiny.  About the ¼ of the size of a BB. 


Slugs.  Two types.  Black slugs  and white slugs. 


Here’s videos.


In a cup


In my 5 gallon  bucket.  1st 15 seconds you can see it.  Black slugs.



White slug on side of tan glass.



Used Prazipro.  Dosed then waited 7 days and dosed again.  Thought they were all dead.  Didn’t see any the following week but now they are back.


I have one mystery snail, one black racer snail and one striped nerite snail.


One emerald corycat.


Three amano shrimp and 12 red cherry shrimp.  Water temp is about 70f. 

PH – 7.2 – 7.5.  Ammonia – 0.  Nitrites – 0.  Nitrates – 0-5.  GH – 6.  KH – 2-3. Phosphates. 0.5 – 1.0 ppm.


Feed them 1x a night. One shrimp pellet (wardley).  Two hikari crab cuisine pellets.  One quarter of omega one veggie rounds.  A few wardley fish flakes.  ¼ of Tums generic calcium tablet.  Have couple of eggshells.  Oak leaves.  Cinnamon sticks.  Cassia and Ceylon.  


Plants – amazon sword (2).  Wisteria and Java moss.


Was losing 2-3 shrimps a week from a group of about 50-70 (started with 2).   Temp was in high 70’s – low 80’s.  Had algae problem even with scrubber (either algae or cyanobacteria.  It was non-hair type).  Lowered temp to 70f.  Added leaves, egg shells cinnamon sticks. Generic tums.  Changed out about 8 gallons from my 20 gallon tank 1x per 7 days.  No further shrimp deaths.


After water change I add seachem safe, equilibrium, flourish and excel.   Also scrape some mineral stone in there. 

Have had this 20 gallon running for three years.  Have had this funky worm / fast mover thing for at least 3 months now.  Probably longer. 


Question – what the heck are these things?  Detritus worms?  The fast movers can’t be detritus worms – they’re too small and fast.  They aren’t hydra.  No spikey things.  Flatworms?  Emerald corycat is okay. 


I find these things on the side of tank glass in the morning when I turn the light on.  The worms / slugs don’t seem to like light.  I won’t see them that much during the day.  I see them but not many.  When I turn the light on they usually go down into the substrate.    The fast movers don’t care whether there is light on or not.  They’re easily as fast as the shrimp when the shrimp do their leap thing to get away from danger.


What else can I do to get rid of these things?  More prazipro?  I heard if I use febendazole it will kill my shrimp and snails.   Thanks for whatever info you can provide. 

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