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On 7/3/2019 at 7:58 AM, rhoagland said:

How many are you looking for?  I have a few striped OEBT available.  They are in neocaridina parameters.

Hello Ryan ,Im very interested,looking for OEBT,currently in Neocaridina parameters gh 8 to 10 ,220tds ,7.4 phhave bought a few from others in caridina water parameters but all slowly died when they molted gh to high so ive been looking for some already successful in neo waters so if your gh is same Im interested, thanks for your time


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My OEBT parameters are GH6, KH2, TDS200 and ph7.4.  I would think they would do just fine in your parameters.


I will have to see how many I have available, but I should be able to do 6 for $75 shipped.



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