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Killed the hydra but lost two shrimp. However, my water parameters are finally where I want them to be. My only issue was high nitrate, which resolved once I cleaned my filters/media! Shrimp seem more active as well. I think I have at least one adult female. Hoping some of the juvies will be male!


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I am glad you were able to get rid of the hydra, I am surprised though it the Fenzo killed two of your shrimp. I have used it on dozens of tanks and never noticed any losses from it. I assume your tank was a 10gal since you were dosing 100mg?

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Yes I dosed about that. Maybe a bit more or less. I had to estimate. It could be something else though. I'm trying to figure out what's going on in a thread right now. I'm leaning towards a pH/kH issue, since my kH is 0.

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