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55 gallon with Crystal Red Shrimp, would like to add some color.

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I'm running a 55 gallon high tech high CO2 tank with Crystal Red Shrimp (they finally started breeding! yay!)

I am planing to add some Blue Dreams (neocards) to the tank and I would love to also have some yellows. I was thinking Yellow king Kongs but I'm worried about cross breeding and how the offspring would look like? I have very little experience in the cross breeding field but as long as the shrimp would look fun and colorful, I wouldn't mind mixing. I just don't want brown/bland shrimp. Are the odds high that King Kong or Tiger shrimp would cross breed with CRS?

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They probably would.  Google "shrimp interbreeding chart".  That will bring up some nice charts and tell you which kinds will interbreed and which won't.   Then you can google the possible results from what ever cross you're thinking of.  Crossing different colored Neos will often result in degraded colors so I wouldn't do it.  Crosses of Caridinias and others can be fun, but I wouldn't do it in a large display tank.  Culling out to get what you wan't will be difficult especially if it's heavily planted.  Cross breeding is better done in a smaller tank that's easier to work with.  But that's just how I go about it.  Others have mixed them up and had a lot of fun!  





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