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Baby shrimp size difference?

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The picture - they're the same distance from the camera.  I wanted to get one of the big shrimp next to one of the others but they won't cooperate.


I've only had 2 broods hatch so far, they were about 4 days apart.  So all the little shrimp are 22 or 26 days old.  Most of them are 5-7mm long, I found one that's about 3mm and the one in the top left of the picture that's at least 12mm - she's noticeably bigger today than she even was yesterday.  Absolutely massive compared to the others.  I counted 25 babies in total today but even adults completely hide in my tank so I have no idea how many there are really.


Is this normal?  Why is she so huge?  Is she just maturing in fast forward?  Someone on reddit said it's because she's female and the other one is male...does that mean I have a sausage party in my tank?


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She might just be abnormally large...the Marfan's Syndrome of the shrimp world. The odds of even 75% of shrimplets being born male is highly unlikely due to the genetics of gender. It sounds like this 3cm male is slightly smaller than normal, so compared to her the size difference would definitely seem odd. I would say that if they are both healthy and happy, don't worry about it. Just like people, shrimp must have the Sandra Allen of their time...

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