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Hymenophyllaceae wayanad


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Is anyone here growing this fragile nano fern? If so, what conditions are you keeping it in? I only know of a few people who have had success in growing it. From what I understand is that it grows well in 6.5-7.0 ph in cool water and low light with co2. Any info on this plant would be greatly appreciated.

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Today I received a small portion of this plant. It is very fragile.  I attached it to some manzanita. Hopefully it will grow.  Here are the conditions I'm keeping it in.


Light- med

co2- yes

ph- 5.8

kh- 0

gh- 5

tds- 120



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I'm not sure which one that is. Do you know the scientific name or have a pic? I have difformis and Cuspidata as well. They are tiny ferns

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I don't know the scientic name.

It looks exactly like needle leaf fern but only grows about 8" tall and narrow leaves like 1/4"

I can snap a picture later.

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Yeah ive been thinking about getting into some of these rare ferns. . I really like the looks of them

Oh no!

Rarer fern and Anubis's haha

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Is that how small it stays may???

where did you get it I want some. Lol

It stays about 2-2.5 cm and is a slow grower

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