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Can anyone tell me what this could be?

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Hi and congrats on the babies! That's a pretty sweet looking shrimplet you got there! It almost looks like an orange eye blueish zebra taiwan bee, but I've seen instances where baby shrimplets undergo pretty significant color changes as they get older so I'd keep an eye on it as it grows. If it keeps the orange eye and the blue coloration that'd be a pretty cool color you bred out and if you can find any others like it, or get others like it in future babies, you could separate them and try to breed out the color and pattern so that you get shrimps that produce only babies that look like this. The part of the hobby I have yet to get to but what I'm most excited about is having "experiment tanks" where I mix multiple different types of caridina shrimps to see what comes out of it and see if I can develop any special colors and/or patterns from it. Hope this helps! 

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Yeah we are new to this and we are having so much fun, it is a strange 1 as ud assume it was a bluebolt but with the orange eye and the King Kong stripes is confusing lol, hopefully we can get some more cos they are awesome.


we have had red king kongs, blue bolts and even what looks like crystal reds but mainly shadow pandas/pandas so this is different from the usual babies we get and is very interesting.


thanks for the suggestion 

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