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Hawaii funds. Trimming, misc stuff update


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So I'm going to Hawaii next month and did a major trim. And I also have some stuff to get rid off.

Plants package;

Hygro pin x20

Limno aro and hippuroides x24

Erio parkeri x4

Sygno Madeira x4

Persicaria sp. 'Kawagoeanum' x6

Package shipped medium flat rate box for 70$

Shrimp food

-gold crown $1 per gram

Shrimp stuff

-indian almond leaves .25 per

-alder cones .10 per

-floating moss islands 11$

-cholla wood 1.75 per


-eriocaulon sp hainan island 2available. Extremely rare I am only one I know of in the us that has these as of right now

-callicostella prabiaktana 1x1 square mesh one available 35$

-triangle moss 1x1 square mesh 10$

-Singapore moss ledge 25$ two available

-erio parkeri 1 for 8$ two for 10$

Misc stuff

-sudo ceramic cubes 5 set 13$

-sudo bamboo pinsettes $10

-ceramic clay pots 20+ 13$

Shipping is 6$ unless it need a medium priority box then it goes up to 12$

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