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RCS grade and unknown shrimp identification

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Would love some help grading these two RCS. Don't know much about shrimp and determining quality, just had them randomly thrown into a few tanks to breed like crazy.


Would also appreciate identification on the shrimp marked X. What is it?


I think I only have RCS and Amano, but not certain. Maybe some ghost shrimp as well, had some donated to me. 


Thanks :)

shrimp identifaction.jpg

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Not an expert, but body shape is of neocaridina, the same species as on A and B, and, judging from cold red color of other shrimp, they could be from mixed breeding, and black is from some hidden genetic trait. Mutation is also possible, but unlikely, this is a rare event. See neocaridina colors chart, but color names are for known breeds, when a lot of babies are similar to their parents. You could try to breed yours and see what babies will look like.

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 My wife got some cherry reds in march? All beautiful, deep red. One of their babies came out almost chocolate color, like yours. I lost track of it over the months.  I then started finding and culling browns 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes daily. I finally culled the last one about 4 weeks ago but it's a 55 and heavily planted so who knows..

All the culls went into my 75 gallon.. Now I have probably 100 or so crazy variants of wild form Neos mixed in with my regular reds and yellows.


So.. long story short, yours looks like a throwback. Not a bad thing, and you might get some interesting combos if you leave it in there. If you want to keep just reds, then I'd move the brown one to another tank.

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