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some shrimp tank concerns

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I decided to write here because I have a problem with understanding something.┬á­čśő

I have a 5 gallon tank (about 20 liters, I suppose) and I'd love to take some Neocaridina (possibly Blue velvet ones) to my bosom. BUT here comes a problem... I ordered:

  • Aquatic Nature Shrimp Soil,
  • Benibachi Mironekuton 100%,
  • Shrimp Nature GH*.

* Now I know it's for osmotic water, while I would like to try my shrimp tank journey with tap water... so I guess it's quite unsuccessful purchase.

I've heard some people started their shrimp tanks with tap water and active soil. My main concern is whether Neocaridina can survive that. Also, for what I understand, this shrimp soil lowers pH while mironekuton stone does the opposite thing and prevents pH decrease. The question is: can I successfully start my shrimp tank with tap water and this soil? 

I'd be grateful for any tips and comments.

Warm regards xx


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I answered you on ShrimpTank sub, here are not too many people, maybe someone else will come later. I started keeping shrimp with similar to neocaridina requirements (ghost shrimp) with pH lowering "shrimp" substrate, Fluval Stratum and tap water. Small tank, big weekly water changes. Each time shrimp were stressed a lot: became opaque, lethargic for a long time. Asked everywhere I could, no answer. It continued until I realized that pH and kH could be tested, every few hours after water changes. This gave an answer I was looking for. Siphoned out active substrate, left tank bare bottom (I don't keep  rooted plants), everything is stable, shrimp recovered and active. Or inert substrate could be added, in tank with shrimp, carefully.

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