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How is pH 8.4+ with RO water?!?

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Hi!  I’ve been cycling my new 10 gallon for over two months now. I’ve been using the same RO water from a local fish store and remineralized it with the Salty gh/Kh.  My ph will not go down!  Even with water changes!  It was around 7.5 for a long time, but has been 8.4+ consistently for over a month. I have a bunch of algae and a colony of Detritus worms that must love it. 

I have some plants and two full grown snails + a hitchhiker baby in there and an inert substrate (Aqueon plant & shrimp). I also have some driftwood and serian Stone. 

my TDS is around 280

Ammonia 0

Gh 9

kh 4


Is there something I need to test for or check to see what’s causing it to go up so much?  I’m weary to get any shrimp and them not make it. I’m wanting some blue Neocaridina, and I know they like it harder, but Mid 8 seems excessive. 

Any advice is appreciated! 



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I would test source water, the ro you're getting for tds first. Notice anything high there and it might be their ro membranes/system is old and need service. If it's rather low, 5 or under, then I would remineralize and test ph. Nothing in your tank sticks out to me that would drive ph up. 

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Those look like the seriki or what ever it is called stones.  They will raise your pH and TDS over time.  

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