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Newbie and Co2

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Hi all.
So some background
My 10g tank has:
Blue Dreams
1 Cardinia that stowed away in a plant shipment I got
3 Rainbow Paskais
1 Celestial Danio
Phoenix Moss
Crinum Calamistratum (Onion Plant)
Nymphaea Zenkeri (Tiger Lotus)

Bolbitis Heudelotii (Creeping Fern)

Eleocharis sp. Mini (Mini Dwarf Hairgrass )
Micranthemum (Monte Carlo)

A random piece of Subwasstertang
algea but i dont want that

The overall goal of this tank is to be a shrimp tank with the neos and maybe a species of Caridina once I'm a little more experienced. But I have a hard time keeping the neos alive a friend who owns the LFS ive been buying them at recommended i try buying from a local shrimper because his shrimp might be more well suited to the local water than the shrimp he buys from abroad because he thinks its weird that im having a tough time with Neos. So I did just that when i met up with him he told me co2 might be the issue since it makes the water acidic and makes molting hard and it makes the water parameters more unstable so I stopped using Co2 for the time being and the shrimp look healthy. But the issue is I would like to keep using Co2 for the benefits to the plants and because id like to keep the carpet ive been working on.

Current Parameters

Temp: 74.5 F/ 23.6 C

Ph: Between 6 and 6.4 (im bad at colors) but its yellow (API Test)

Kh: 4 drops the chat says 4 degrees 71 PPM

Gh: 6 drops the chart says 6 degrees 107 PPM

TDS: Waiting on a meter from amazon.

Lights are on between 4 PM and 9:30 PM for those who don't do the military time. Bellow are the spectral percentages of light if this helps anyone.

Any advice on how and if I should add Co2?


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