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First shrimp, Babies on the way🙌🏻 Advice? Video***

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I’ve had my very first Cherries for about 3 weeks now, and I only have three. I wasn’t sure about their sexes since they seemed to be three different ages.  But I’m hoping this females eggs will be viable! I noticed eggs this past weekend.   The two largest are females (I can see a saddle on the other female), so I’m guessing the smaller is the male. 
Any advice on what to expect, advice for better survival, etc?  
it’s a 10gal, w/3 shrimp & 2 snails. 

On a side note, any one else seen super inflated prices on shrimp lately?  I’m Texas, they tried to charge me $12.99/cherry shrimp!  Down the road, they were $6.99. 




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Congrats. Just keep doing what your doing. If you do any water changes, dripping in the water is safest so she doesn't molt and drop the eggs. I usually only do 10% water changes weekly. I would recommened getting powdered shrimp baby food for when the babies are born. The first couple of days, they tend to not move around and eat what's near them. The powdered food is great because it's small particles from them to eat and it goes all over. Which makes it a better chance for the babies to have access to food. I would also recommend bacteria ae. It creates biofilm for all the shrimp, juat make sure to feed sparingly. Shrimp baby and baby magic baby shrimp food is great. I use both of them and my babies are thriving. Good luck!! :)

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