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Howdy Everyone, new to the site,(first time caller long time listener).


I have a question, DOES anyone recommend a good filter system, I have a combo planted/shrimp tank,  a 12 gallon long & narrow. I have tried a canister filter (which I love and have on my 75 gallon) smaller version of course. I have tried a HOB type of filter. My problem, I always end up with half a dozen or more of shrimp, swimming around in the bottom of the filter, they are fat and happy but I would prefer them in my tank. I have tried the sponges on the inlet side of the filters, but with the amount of plants the sponges always stop up after about 3 days of running. I have read up on using a power head with a sponge, like the one I uploaded. But are these any efficient I like to use bio media in my filter systems.


So if anyone has any recommendations I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again,



shrimp tank.jpg

sponge filter.JPG

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