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shrimp keep dying slowly

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I have blue dream shrimp in a 5 gallon tank. Every 1-3 days i lose 1 shrimp. Its a mature tank that has been going for about a year and a half so there is alge built up. I have a good amount of plants in there and my parameters go as follows...

79 degree water

KH- 4

No2 Nitrate- 0

PH- 7.2


side note they like to hang around towards the top of the tank on the heater


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If you are in the northern hemisphere  it could be increased summer temperature, lowering the oxygen content of your tank. The reason I suggest this is you mention your shrimp are hanging out near the surface. Add an extra airstone and remove some floating plants if they are really dense.  You want the water surface to have movement as this is where most oxygen exchange occurs. The airstone wont add oxygen but will help with water circulation and will disrupt the water surface tension with the bubbles. Put it at the opposite end from where your normal filter is. 

I had a steady die off last summer but fixing my airation problem solved it. 

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