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Getting rid of Hydra

Puffer Mom

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Hi There,


I’ve got a large planted tank with 5 blue velvet and 5 blue dream Neocaridina shrimp.  A few females look like they have eggs which is great.  

Over recent days I have had an outbreak of Hydra in the tank -which is obviously a bad thing for any prospective shrimplets!  I’ve got hold of some No Planaria by Gemchem which I’m going to dose my tank with.  

my question is this: do I need to remove my seachem purigen from my filter in order for this to work?? I’m thinking probably yes as purigen removes toxins and impurities (according to their product info).  Has anyone used No Planaria to remove hydra? Did it work? Did it have any negative affects on your tank? 

included a pic of my tank just for you to see.  Many thanks 😊 


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Usually things like carbon or purigen should be removed during treatment so they don't neutralize the active ingredients.


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