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How long have start breeding my CRS shrimps?


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Hello everyone  I have 19 CRS shrimp, here is my shrimps in pics, they are very small yet? when gonna they breeding? and they are doesn't grazing around much, usuallu hiding is that normal? and they are not interested much with food, just sometimes I saw 1 - 2 shrimp on food.

my water parameters:

TDS: 290 ( I know it's much, I use RO water but not like full osms, it's RO for drinkink water but I will fix it)

Temp: 23 - 24 °C

I don't know other parameters

this is my tank and shrimps:


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Shrimp, especially in a new tank, need to feel secure. Without more plants or decorations for refuge, they might not breed until they feel comfortable. as you add more plants, hardscape, etc., and the tank matures, the shrimp should start breeding. PH also makes a difference. Those typically need lower PH, around 6.2 to 6.8 i think is what's recommended.  I have Neocaridinas and they like the PH a bit higher.

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