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Orange head, dead shrimp

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So my blue berried shrimp that ive had for 2 months now turned up dead. I added two new shrimp to the tank after isolating them for a week the night previous to my shrimp dying. She had a bright orange portion near her head, appeared alive (holding onto branch of aqua tree) when i removed her. Any idea what this is? Bacterial infection? Are the rest of my colony in danger now 🤔 should i dose the tank with paraguard to be safe? New shrimper here, never had issues before and this is just bizarre to me ☹ worried for the others. Last pic is her right before I added the 2 new shrimp.


Kh: 4

GH: 6

Ph: 7.5

TDS: 140

Nitrites: 0

Nitrates: 0

Ammonia: 0







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Just found one of my berried star dust with the same thing. Im thinking it's some sore of bacterial issue, or could be planaria in the tank that I dont see. Try shrimp pimpin group on Facebook if you have it and post the question. Theyll be able to help, im going to, if I get an answer I'll try to find this thread again to let you know. Sorry for your losses, I feel your pain, going through the same exact thing myself. 

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