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October stock list


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October Sales List

Red rilli culls $2 each
Yellow neos $3 each
Orange neos $4 each
Green Jade culls $1.50 each
Blue dream culls $2.50 each
Blue Dreams $4 each
Snowballs $4 each
Black rose culls $2 each
Black Rose $4 each
Wilds $1 each

All caridina will be buy 10 get an extra two free plus extras.

Tangerine Tigers $4 each
Raccoon Tigers $6 each
Black Tiger Orange Eye $12 each
Cheetah Tigers $8 each
Cheetah hybrids $7 each
Mixed tigers $5 each
Green Tiger culls $5 each
Yellow King Kong $4 each
Yellow King Kong Hybrids $3 each
Orange Eyed Yellow King kongs $10 each
Yellow King Kong rilli $15 each
Yellow King Kong rilli culls $5 each
Golden bee $3 each
Low grade Steels $5 each
Blue Steel $10 each
Red steel $9 each
Black Tibees $3 each
Black Tibee f8 $6 each
Zebra Ghost Bees $10 each
Cheetah x zebra ghost $8 each
Tangtai $3 each
Red Taitibee $12 each
Black Taitibee $10 each
Red mixed pintos $10 each
Black mixed pintos $9 each
Spot Head pintos $14 each red or black
Galaxy Pintos $15 low, $30 medium
Galaxy Fishbones $25 low, $50 medium
Fancy Red Tigers $10 low, $25 medium, $45 high grade 
Opae ula $3 each

Golf ball size portions for Xmas, subwassertang, Taiwan $5 each, and red moss is $20.

Shipping is $10 or free if you spend over $50


Pics can be found at tgoeshrimp.com 









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