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Help! Recently acquired 100+ shrimp and not sure what to do


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Hey there, I recently came into the possession of a 20g tank with around 100+ cherry shrimp. The tank at the time was a mess, and had not been cleaned or maintenced in months. They were going to get rid of it, but instead I grabbed it. At the moment, I have most of the shrimp in a 5g bucket with some java moss and an airstone, while a few are in the 20g. I had to do a complete re-haul of the tank, which included scrubbing off the layers of algae that coated it, replacing the large-rock substrate with a shrimp-specialized substrate, and adding some driftwood and other plants I could salvage from the old tank. The water in the 20g is treated with de-clorifier, Stability, and some pH up. The 20g is being filtered by a Fluval 206, which I did nothing to in order to preserve the bacterial colonies, and my water parameters in the 20g are pH: 6.4, Ammonia: 0.25ppm, Nitrite: 0ppm, Nitrate: 10ppm. I have had a few shrimp in the 20g for 2 days now, and they have all been fine, but Im not sure how long the rest can last in the 5g bucket. Where do I go from here? This is my first time with shrimp! Thanks! 


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as ugly as it looked, the old algae may have been beneficial for the shrimp. With everything scrubbed clean, it may need to cycle again. If they are regular cherry shrimp (Neocaridina) a little higher PH might be better in long run, like around 7.  Get some mulmy water from the old filter to add to your new one. That should help jump start your new filter. Shrimp are biofilm and algae eaters, so a squeaky clean tank doesn't leave them with much to eat...

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