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Holiday Sales!


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Holiday Sale!
Red Cherry $2 each
Fire Red Cherry $3 each
Blue Dream $3 each
Blue Diamond $4 each
Black Rose cull $2 each
Green Jade cull $1.50 each
Wild neo $1 each

Black Tiger Orange Eye $12 each
Red Tiger $10 each
Raccoon Tiger $7 each
Star Dust $8 each
Orange Eye Blue Tiger $8 each
Cheetah $6 each
Green Tiger cull $5 each
Tiger mix $4 each

Yellow King Kong $4 each
Yellow king Kong hybrid $3 each 
Yellow King Kong Rili cull $5 each
Orange Eye Yellow King Kong $10 each
Tangtai $3 each
Black Tibee $3 each
Black Tibee F8 $8 each
Red Tibee $8 each
Steel culls $5 each
Blue Steel $9 each
Blue Bolt $10 each
Golden Bee $4 each 
Crystal Black Shrimp $4 each
Red Panda $10 each
Red Wine 1-2 stripe $14 each
Zebra Ghost Bee $12 each
Tangtai $3 each
Red Taitibee $12 each
Super Prince Bee $15 each
Medium Fancy Red Tiger $20 each
High Grade Fancy Red Tiger $45 each
Black Fancy Tigers $45 each
Mixed Black Pinto $7 each
Mixed Red Pinto $8 each
Black Spot Head Pinto $10 each
Red Spot Head Pinto $11 each
Medium Galaxy Pinto $25 each
Low Fishbone Galaxy Pinto $20 each
Medium Fishbone Galaxy Pinto $40 each

Opae Ula $3 each

1 cup Aquachar $10 each

Everything is buy 10 get 3 free!

Shipping is $10 or spend $50 and its free

Tgoeshrimp.com for pics

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Quick question: I see the raccoon and prince bee shrimp.
First, trying to figure out if that prince bee is the "princess bee" paracaridina that was floating around earlier.
Second, i've heard that raccoons are just a type of bee shrimp or a slightly different species? which one is yours?

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