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Evo's Ebi's- PBL


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Finally got the PBL tank set up for the little ones. Got the PBL from Sbarbee54 a little while ago and I'm really lovin' how they look! Sorry for the blurry pictures the little buggers wouldn't stay still probably because they just got introduced to the tank today haha. Enjoy!


Partial FTS:









Side shot FTS. Yes there's a breeder box in the front of the tank HAHA


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Man look at this guy! You have everything under the sun that's shrimp related! Good job buddy. Keep it up.

Still owe me a sneak peek when I have time to visit. I wanna see these PBL in person!

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Don't have them pintos!!!! Haha

Putting most of my focus on blue bolts and mosura bb for the time being haha


Before you know it you'll have as many or even more tanks than I do..... I just counted...31 and growing.

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