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Blue Velvet Shrimp

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So recently I got 8 Blue Velvet shrimp (this was around Tuesday last week), my tank has been cycling for 2 weeks about right now. I did a small water change 2 time sover the past 2 weeks. My water has a green tinge to it and I have 4 live plants (including a java fern), a moss ball, an indian almond leaf, and a rock in my tank. I lost 2 shrimp today - my Blue Dream (which I had before my Blue Velvets), and two Blue Velvets and I am not sure why. My parameters may be off possibly?? 


My GH is a 5-6 

My KH is a 5 

My Nitrite is at 0 ppm 

My Nitrate is at 0.25 ppm 

My pH is at 7.6 


I still have no clue why I have this issue - maybe I need to do a 50% water change? I use tap water and shrimp start from aquavitro as well as I just finished the bacterial seed additions from aquavitro on thursday. The only possible problem I can think of is maybe I overfed them if my parameters are fine. Maybe my water changes weren't enough or maybe I have an iron problem? 


I know my water was warm when I got it to refill my tank but that means there could have been iron in my water considering how the iron is form the pipes when warm/hot water is used. 


How would one go about water changes and still not have water shock occur? Also I have 1 small snail in my tank (7.5 gallons) and I am fairly worried too because I have tiny shrimp in my tank... but can't find them. I have 4 small 1/2 inch slightly transparent Blue Velvets as well as a few darker ones. I want to take really good care of my shrimp but it seems like my luck just doesn't stay and I don't want to keep trying only to fail. Should I maybe not add new ones until I am positive everything is fine with my tank? Are my parameters off? 

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