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Benibachi Active Water or Low Key Absorption boards, etc?

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Has anyone that has started up a new tank tried the Benibachi Active Water, or Low Key Absorption boards,

 or Bacteria Bee, or Bio Culture? or products like that?


Are they worth checking into, or trying out, or helping to speed up the cycle?


I have used Colony successfully. It cycles the tank in about 10 to 12 days even with 0 KH, 6 GH, 6.4 PH, and 72 degrees.

Colony will cycle the tanks in about 4 days, if you use tap water, 77 degrees, higher KH, and GH, and around 7.0 PH,

but if you are using RO water and setting your water parameters for shrimp, then it takes about 10 to 12 days to cycle

a new tank using Colony from ATM.


I am just wondering if there is something better I should be using, or are some of the shrimp products that I see are good

to use on a regular basis.


I usually only use RO water, Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+, Borneo Wild Bee Balls and that's it, after a shrimp tank is cycled.

Other than leaves, drift wood, peat pellets, alder cones. I put ceramic's, bio balls, in my filters.


I am just wondering if I should be looking at using some of these products in my water management, or are they just

wasting money and no one know for sure if they are helping or not?


I want to produce the best water quality for my TB's, CBS, and CRS, but there are so many different products on the market

now, I have no idea what is good to use, and what is not. So honest opinions are appreciated.  

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Thanks Sbarbee, but I am not talking about just cycling, but overall water management too.

Do you use any of the products, or other products on a consistent basis in your water management?


Plus, when I do cycle, I use filters, and other media, plants, some substrate, and décor, wood from

other tanks that have been long established to help with cycling.


But the main thing, I wonder about is if I should be using some of these products I keep seeing on a

regular basis as part of my overall water management.

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I have a absorption board in all my tank for piece of mind, so I think they work who knows. I don't do anything special when I do water changes, just remineralizer a pinch of calcium montromilite and a betaglucen additive. Nothing more. When I setup a tank I do a layer 1" of substrate then I add a beneficial bacteria packet from AI Taiwan, a mineral packet from beni Bachi , old sea mud from mosura, and a quarter cup calcium montromilite. I then add 2 more inches of substrate. I fill it and add cycle to the tank.

Then I put ebiken shou in and a borneo wild mineral rock.

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