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Cork tree stump on shrimp tank


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Cork is inert but if it is not yet dry it may leech tannins. If it is indeed cork  then you are going to have a whale of a time keeping it under water. Boil the crap out of it by tying stones to it this will kill any unwanted guests and also purge it from any sugars left that may form algal bloom and also will leech tannins if any.

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Having used and continue to use cork I agree about boiling it first just a fast boil will do it because to long and the cork can crack/break up and good luck keeping it down unless it is already water logged .


I have some cork sheets which I had hope to use lol  outside floating in some Rubbermaid stock tanks with fish for over 2 years .


I also have some which sunk in 6 months time in tanks with java fern on them and works great .

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