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Does this being patient method work?

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First post 😁 I wanted to convert a long-time fish tank over to raising shrimp, but the nitrates are close to 100. Right now, the tank is heavily planted, but no creatures aside from some snails. I'm not doing anything but changing water every week or two weeks. If I simply continue this path, will the plants eventually reduce the nitrates down to acceptable levels? I don't want to uproot them to do a really thorough gravel vacuuming, if I can help it. Thanks for any advice!

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Many water changes will bring down nitrates. I would do about a 50% water change then do another 20% a week later. Add a little bacteria after water changes. Check your nitrates a day after water changes. When you get your nitrates down to 10-20ppm you should be good to add shrimp. I always try to strive for 5-10ppm anything over 20ppm you will see less success in berried shrimp and babies.

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You can use a long turkey baster to suck up debris and detritus from the bottom of the tank without disturbing the plants.  Just do a portion of the tank one week, then do another portion the following week. Disturbing the substrate all at once can spike the levels so don't.  Don't pull out your plants !!  They are doing their job removing the nitrates, nitrites, etc. Just do a weekly job of cleaning and removing 1/4 or more of the water each week. And be sure to use a test kit or an  aquarium test strip.  Do not place the test strips directly in the aquarium water.  Put some aquarium water in a test tube and check the water parameters that way.  We have no idea what kind of chemicals are used for test strips.  So don't poison your water !  Use a good water conditioner like Fluval Cycle.  I don't like Seachem Prime because it smells badly and fish can smell it !  😫  You may like other brands but just be sure it does not smell.  Would you like to be in a smelly aquarium?  Nor will the fish.  Good luck !

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