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What sorta Caridina hybrid do these look like?

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Can you help me figure out what caridina shrimp might be a mix of? I have had various shrimp tanks for years. A year or so ago, I combined a bunch of my tanks and put a handful of culls into my heavily planted pea puffer tank and forgot all about them. Occasionally I would see the berried mamas which did quite well in there. The puffer was keeping the population in check but not wiping them out. Recently, I fished out a bunch of what looked to be tangerine tigers (I have never had a tiger) and put those in one of my other tanks where they bred. I now have a bunch of babies and I’m trying to figure out what this pattern is from. I have had so many different types of caridina (CRS, cbs, Mosura, TB, PRL, galaxy pintos) that I don’t know what genetics these have! My tanks are usually very planted and it makes it hard to see what the shrimp are doing. Could they be great grand babies from the awesome galaxy pintos I had a few years ago? I am so sorry for the horrible out of focus pictures. These are tiny babies and I’m having a hard time focusing on them.


And also— What shrimp should I put them with? Or keep them in their own tank? I recently got a bunch of pintos and fancy tigers but these babies aren’t from those shrimp. 


Thank you! I have been obsessively reading this board for years just never say anything! 😃



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It looks like a mischling of some sort. If you keep the mischling females and breed with Taiwan bee shrimp you will have very hardy Taiwan bees down the line. I’ve bred my female mischlings with some of my male galaxy fishbone shrimp and have gotten some beautiful pintos.

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Thanks for your reply! I couldn’t remember where I had posted this and I just saw it when I posted another similar post about one of my tanks. It’s been about a year now and my pintos are very pretty!

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