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Bloody Mary shrimp hanging out near surface of water

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 Hi, today I've noticed this specific shrimp hanging on to the floating plant today. It was there when I fed the fish at 7:30, still there when I came home at 1pm and is still there as I'm posting. There is a second smaller shrimp, it was there when I got back, but is moving between the plants.


Yesterday we did a water change with some medicine for cotton mouth for the neon tetra in the tank, so it might be that that is causing the shrimp to be irritated.  Water tests seem to come up fine but the test kit we have isn't easy to understand. Otherwise I'm unsure why these shrimp are doing this. other shrimp seem to be fine, with the biggest one swimming and moving about as they usually do. 


Would love if anyone knows why they would be doing this?



IT WAS THE MEDICINE. phenoxyethanol can make fish and shrimp drowsy and a bit sluggish. May have even irritated the ma bit due to not removing the carbon from the filter, not allowing the medicine to work properly.


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