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How important is tds control?


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Hi all , 


Lately I've noticed my caridina crystal Reds really latheragic and a few dying . I bought  new tds meter a while ago and set it up . I'm beginning to think I have it on the wrong setting after reading the instructions . It was set on naci 0.5 but I've now changed it to 442 which is 0.7 and giving me a higher tds.


All other parameters are fine but I suspect my tds is around 180 which is high . How much of a difference is 50 ppm , I plan on doing a water change with pour ro on a drip feed over a couple of hours.  


Naci from what the instructions say is used for brackish and salt water .


442 is for lakes / rivers etc which is more like a fresh water talk.


Any help would be great.  

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50 tds shouldn’t be too big of a deal. I am not sure what settings you are talking about when you say Navi or 442, my tds just has one setting that gives yes. 

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