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Post Hawaii sale


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I had such a great time in Hawaii. In honor of aloha I'm going to plunge prices until Monday on a few things, so now is your chance.


Limnophila hippuroides and aromatica .75 each

Polygonum praetermissum 1.00 each limited

Sygno Madeira 6$ per stem

Erio parkeri not recently split 5$

Erio sp hainan island 30$

Hygro pin 5 stems for 6$


Singapore moss ledges 11$ each two available

Callicostella prabiaktana 30$ per 1x1

One small portion flame moss little less than golf ball 5$

Singapore moss wall 4x2 8$

Triangle moss one available 6$ 1x1

Hard goods

20 pieces cholla wood 26$ shipped

Alder cones .7 each

Bamboo pinsettes 5$ each

Floating moss island 10$

Sudo ceramic cubes 10$ each set

Riparium plants

One package for 16$ shipped

A.r. Jacob coat

Some other plants I have no idea what they are because I didn't get what I ordered but it'll be a good starter package that I can assure you

Mahalo :D

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