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Tanks bigger than 20 gallons


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I am currently planning to buy a juwel rio 125 because we will be moving to a new house and i want to have a tank not only in my bedroom but also at the living room but if im going to have a tank in the living room it has to be neat and not like your average breeding tank so its basically just a show tank. Juwel rio 125 is about 39g and I was wondering like which substrate to use and and i will most probably use a canister filter with a filter guard on the intake. So if anyone has a tank around 30-50g please feel free to add a pic of it so i can have an idea how you set up yours

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Heres my 29 gallon planted tank. Only inhabitants are shrimp and snails. This picture is a little over a month old, and I have recently rescaped it, so it looks drastically different now plants wise. But all in all this tank has been a lot of fun. Substrate is just pool filter sand and for a light I use a satellite plus led.


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