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Subtle Labor Day sale!!!


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Happy Labor Day guys, I have to work Monday thank god for ime in a half right,

This on goes to all you hard workers out there for your money, I have a major trim to do, and some stuff to get rid of.


Limnophila hippuroides and aromatica $1 per stem

Sygnothanus Madeira 7$ per stem

Hygro pinitifida $1 per stem 2$ per runner


Erio parkeri not recently split $7 or split for 5$

Alternanthera reineckii mini trim 1 available 4$

Erio sp hainan island 35$ each good root system and at least 10 leaves

Middle ground;

Alternanthera reineckii variegated trims 2-3 available $10 each


Singapore moss ledge fully grown in maybe a golf ball of moss 12$

Callicostella prabiaktana 1x1 30$ 4-5 available

Mini pellia 7.50 per 1x1

Riparium plants;

Random assortment of trellis raft plants. There getting a bit overgrown NAND the only one I know of I have is alternanthera Jacob's coat



I'm getting rid of some of my bigger leave Buce to replace with small and mini types.

Theia v9 7-8 leaves 20$ has a plantlet growing off it

Brownie red 20$

Pink bilbis 23$

All very healthy, no algae.

Hard goods;

Floating moss islands 10$

Sudo ceramic cubes 10$

Sudo bamboo pinsettes will not rust 4$

Cholla wood 20 pieces for 30$ shipped

Alder cones .10 each

Gold crown shrimp food 10 grams for 8$

Marineland maxi jet 600 12$

Shipping could be between 6-17$


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