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New Video of my TB Shrimp Tank Setup & Backup Tank


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I made a short video, well not too short, about 10 minutes long showing my new setup of my

new Mr. Aqua Low Iron 12 Gallon TB Shrimp Tank, and my new 10 gallon backup tank for them.

The video is at:


I don't know how to put the video in the post.

Hope you like it, any comments are appreciated, any tips, advice, and what you think.

Thanks, Doc

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Cool vid man! As long as your parameters are stable and you keep up on the h2o changes I think your shrimp will be very happy. Your shrimp are spoiled with their own bamboo walkway! :)

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Thanks, I am slowing getting some more TB's in the new Mr. Aqua with some nice ones I picked up
from miwu's sales, and some coming from Tommy, some new food samples from Han,
and hopefully, if I can afford it, some new ones from Eric, and Will coming soon too.
And one day when I have the funds, I have to get some Shadow Mosura's from Chris, they
are outstanding. Expensive, but outstanding!

The Panda Loaches are on the way next week for the 10 gallon tank that will be the
backup emergency tank for the Mr. Aqua. So it will have 4 Panda loaches, two ottos,
and one very small and very young yo yo loach in it and that will be all. I may keep
the two small neon tetras in the tank too for now.

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I found a small vacuum that I can use to get stuff off the bottom, and I adapted the hose

and intake so it is small enough for me to get around the tank and clean the bare bottom

fairly easy. If I accidently suck up any fry, they would end up in my bucket, so I would be

able to put them right back in.

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