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Ecoxotic E-60 Full Spectrum LED Light System 24 Inch

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I'm not sure how this forum works yet, but I have a quick question. I don't want to build my own lighting strips (lack the tools) so I was wondering if this LED "light system" is good enough to use on a regular 15 gallon tank as a high light set up? I'm looking to grow Crypts, anubias, moss, E. belem, and others, but I don't want to limit myself, should I want to throw in a couple of stems that suck up light. 


Is this LED strip worth it and will it perform to my needs?


Thanks guys and sorry about the wording of this question, my brain is really not there yet.


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I wish I could answer this for you.

But I haven't kept up with LED fixture yet. Beside me knowing that build my led fixture provide that high light. But also expensive.

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LED's are great I think you could achieve medium to high lighting, I really like the fact they don't produce a lot of heat. Aqueon modular led can hold 3 led tubes they recommend 2 day bright and one color max that has day bright and red spectrums you can mix the tubes how ever you like. If you use a deep substrate layer 3 inches your light only has to penetrate 9 inches it should give you med/high light. That light is really expensive there are much more economical choices imho.

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It's a good fit. I only use 10W for each 12" of aquarium.


so 32W is just more than enough. 


I use cheapest one like this, only $10 for 10W. water proof too.



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