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A starters breeding set up


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I am looking for suggestions and/or advice on setting up a table (all tanks on 1 level as it makes working on them easier) for a PRL selective breeding project strictly for my own enjoyment (I know how difficult and labor intensive a true aquaculture start up would be).  


First question I have is how many tanks minimum would you get for only selectively breeding 1 type of shrimp.  I know it can be done with only one but that isn't the most ideal.


Second, locally 10gals are the best bang for your buck here.  I was originally thinking 5 10gals but if that is excessive for one selective breeding project then why waste time and money on extra tanks.  If say 2x 20 longs would be better I would be glad to start there.


Lastly, I am planning to do this all on 1 level stand with the tanks unconnected by a sump mostly to prevent a mass wipeout if a disaster were to occur and to prevent contamination of lines from escaping shrimp into other tanks.  Is my thinking correct here or should I drill and sump the system for ease of maintenance and more stable water parameters (possibly running all tanks bare bottom and only keeping the substrate in the sump)?

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I would have 3 10 gallon tanks. Aquasoil for substrate, large air sponge filters , natural foods ie almond leaves, cholla wood. And some sort of bacterial food like glasgarten ae and betaglucan. First tank for all shrimp. Second for the best from first generation.  After a few generations I would pick your 10 best to start the 3rd tank. But remember the first 2 tanks will still be breeding hopefully so sometimes you will get an exceptional specimen to add to the 3rd tank and sometimes you'll get a bad offspring from the 3rd tank that you'll have to drop into the 1st or 2nd. And after a long time you'll have the best shrimp in the world. Well, in theory it could happen. All of this is JMHO.


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