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Shrimp organizations, clubs, etc.?

MN Shrimping

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Hi everyone!

Soothing Shrimp's posting about having a shrimp show got me thinking about shrimp keeping & I've been wondering if there are any clubs, societies, associations (or whatever you might call them) dedicated to keeping shrimp. I know there are online discussion forums, and I know that there are aquarium clubs dedicated to other specific aspects of the aquarium hobby (plants, fresh water, salt water, or species-specific groups....).

Anyway, I thought that one way to work towards having a show or conference meeting would through such an organization. If other locations (various Asian or European countries) have organizations, it might be possible to have a parallel or international group. If not, finding an affiliation with an existing national or international group could work as well.

I'd appreciate learning more about any such organizations. (Just as a disclaimer here: I am a total newbie to this & do not want to "step on anyone's toes". I'm just an enthusiastic shrimp keeper who has some some available free time. )

Other thoughts or perspectives are welcome as well information :)


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