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Updated stock list


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Current stock list:


Oebt blues $6.00
Oebt blondes/culls $3.50


*Special colony builder package* limited quantities

10 blues + 8 blondes/culls plus 3 samples of foods and supplements of my choice. Most will be 3-5g samples. Brands like Lowkeys. Borneo Wild, Mosura, Peters Laden, Shrimp King and others included. $99.00 shipped


CBS S/S+ $3.50
CBS SS/SS+ $5.00
CBS SSS/SSS+ $6.50


Tangerine tigers $3.50


Orange Sakura $2.50


5 pack mini cubes $9.99


3 pack clay star shelters $12.99


cinnamon  quills 3 for $10.00 (exceptional antibacterial qualities)


Tourmaline Mineral Balls and Porphyries Andesite Mineral Balls
(the orange and grey balls you see in many professional breeders tanks.) 10 of each in a smaller sized ball, enough for a 10 gallon tank


Lowkeys Speed Sand (mature tanks faster/microorganisms) 50g $24.99


Lowkeys Black Master 2
74 species fulvic acid, humic acid and organic mineral. stabilizes water parameters and extends the life of active soils. 100g $40.00


Lowkeys absorption boards $18.99, 3 or more $18.00 each-
It is a small ultra porous tile that absorbs Ammonia! It also further promotes stabilization of water quality.


Lowkeys ultra supple, ebi sapuri, hiden no esa, spiral,vitamin kale
30g bags. and all-in-one baby food powder 20g. 24.99 each
5 G SAMPLES of all 6 foods shipped $37.50


Glas garten beta glucan $1.00 a gram. Min 5g
Glas garten bacter ae $.75 a gram. Min 10 g



Bicom shrimp wafers. 10 grams for $7.50. a great new food


Aqua Plants Farm Wasabi – Natural Force Premium 5g $8.00
one of the few foods designed specifically for Taiwan bees. A new favorite in my TB tank.

Snowflake 25g $4.00 50g $7.50


Shipping on shrimp is $12.00, styro lined box and Kordon breather bag. hold for pickup mandatory for DOA coverage. Unless your temps are below 85. Foods and supplements shipping based on weight usually $3-$5.


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