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Half Bare Bottom Tank


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I want to start a half bare bottom tank with a Aqeuon 20 gallon long (30.3" x 12.5" x 12.8") similar to "Randy's bare bottom tanks"  (http://www.shrimpspot.com/index.php?/topic/1044-half-bare-bottom-tank-setup/?hl=%2Bbare+%2Bbottom). Can someone who has done it already share the dimension of the cut class?



Thanks :D

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Besutiful set up



Wow Eric, your setup looks nice! :)

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thanks guys. it was more an experiment on what could be done in a small space. its totally overkill.


next time i'll be doing either fully HMF split tanks or fully drilled 40Bs side split connected to a sump. too many pros over cons to not have a sump system. 

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fugly is right. 

there are some tricks that i guess you should learn. for 1 i use painters tape with about 1/4" of space from where you want to place the silicon. this provides a clean edge. pull it off after the silicone has set for a few mins.


2ndly use your finger or they make those caulking tools to provide a nice smooth finish to the silicone, not all lumpy.


its not a bad first attempt. good thing is its easy to try again with a sharp razor blade.

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That's a really nice tank Ron.


Thanks, I went way fancier than my old 10 gallon set ups.  It's Starphire on the front and sides with vinyl on the back and bottom and all polished edges.



That's a real good deal, better than what I paid.

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