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ok so ive been cleaning out my shrimp food supplement drawers and want to get rid of this stuff, this is a list of what i know i have. i may include others and extras at my discretion this will be a grab bag type of sale. ill pick 3 samples to send you totaling at least 15g of foods and supplements for $10.00 total, or 6 samples for $18.00 shipping included. Here are the rules you can tell me 2 that you dont want, and 1 you do want and i will accomodate the request as best i can, some of these i only have 1 bag so someone may beat you to it. pm me if interested


Borneo Wild:
Color 5g
Frenzy 5g
Stout 5g
Crimson 5g
Barley 10g
Bebi 5g 4g


Specialty CRS Food 5g
Excel Flakes 5g
Tonic Pro 5g
BT-9 3g
Rich water 8g
Schizen Power 6.5g


Shrimp King:
Pea and Leaf Loops 5g
Spinach and Pumpkin Loops 5g
Complete 5g


Baby food 5g
Ebi Dama 10g


Peter Ladens
Mulberry 5g
Nettle 5g
Medi mix 5g
Omni Pro 5g


White Pellet 6g


Snowflake 20g


Shrimp granules 20g

other samples may be added, this is just what i know i have


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