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Shipping Snails

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I just got snails from Will. I noticed he used kordon breather bag. I got snails from other sellers as well and yet again, kordon breather bag was used. Is it really necessarily to ship them via breather bag because the bag price and water weight adds up. I shipped MTS and ramshorn many times. Quantities of 20, 50, 100, 150. I never once used a breather bag. Just a zip lock bag and a paper towel moist enough so that it's not dry and i just dump the snails in. No DOA ever claimed. Shipped in a corrugated box inside a Styrofoam cup with lid with a few wholes punched in.


With corrugated boxes, it makes the shipping price a lot cheaper than priority. About $2.09 to ship 5 oz I believe? and about 20-40 cent for the box. 



More savings = more customers.

Customers hate paying expensive priority mail shipping when First Class PKG with a 4x4x4 box works just as well.

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That is good to know, I didn't realize you could ship them that way so I just always use the breather bags.  Thanks for the info though I will have to try it that way.  You think you could use a padded envelope instead of a box?

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when i ship snails i soak a paper towel and wrap them in it to keep from breaking shells. not so tight to crush them but tight enough they cant get out of it and i normally use a double layer when doing so, plants too. i will add a couple table spoons of water to a bag ( i use 4x16 i think they are) for guppies, plants, snails alike and it works great. leave a bit of air in the bag and tie it close to the paper towel so it cant move much and then rubber band the knot in the bag. never a leak and always arrive alive

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