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Eco Complete Planted

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Pretty cheap since gravel is about $1 per lb and this is $23 for 20 lb.


It absorbs nutrients which is a great bonus.


My plants are doing well and growing a bit faster compared to the ones in regular gravel.


Only bad thing I find about this product is "CaribSea Eco Complete contains a live Heterotrophic Bacteria, which is beneficial for sustaining a healthy aquatic environment as it helps to convert organic waste into a natural plant food. "


I drained all the black water and added ammonia and prime. There is NO live bacteria. No cycle was going on. 

They are using "black water" just to make the package more heavier.


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EcoComplete also leechs something into the water.  I put some with some RO water and my TDS kept creeping up.  This was old EcoComplete (several years at least) but doesn't appear to be inert.  I didn't check GH or KH only TDS.

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